Sunday, July 1, 2007

Al Gore on Venus

Russ Seitz take Al Jr. to the woodshed for telling stories. First Mr. Gore in today's New York Times:

Consider this tale of two planets. Earth and Venus are almost exactly the same size, and have almost exactly the same amount of carbon. The difference is that most of the carbon on Earth is in the ground — having been deposited there by various forms of life over the last 600 million years — and most of the carbon on Venus is in the atmosphere.

As a result, while the average temperature on Earth is a pleasant 59 degrees, the average temperature on Venus is 867 degrees. True, Venus is closer to the Sun than we are, but the fault is not in our star; Venus is three times hotter on average than Mercury, which is right next to the Sun. It’s the carbon dioxide.

Now Mr. Seitz:

The data say otherwise. Exerting a pressure equal to 3000 feet of sea water , Venus' alien atmosphere is 90 times more massive than Earth's . It gets hot enough to melt lead in the 100 atmosphere regions near the floor of this gaseous abyss. Yet even beneath the mother of all Greenhouse blankets, with a CO2 concentration 2,500 times higher than Earthly air, the temperature of Venus' clouds falls below human body temperature as the pressure altitude reaches the equivalent of Earthly sea level.

That's not what Al told Congress on C-Span in March.He said that our sister planet is "hotter the boiling point of lead." If NASA's Magellan mission and other space probes are to be believed, that's a cool 1,000 degree exaggeration. Just click the charts to see how astronomically Al has overun the factual limits of planetary science this time. If he keeps this up, I may have to rescind the gentleman's C my review of An Inconvenient Truth allowed him for keeping its factoid to fib ratio under 4 to 1.